• Chipolo Tracker

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If you're the kind of person who searches for your lost or misplaced things every day, the Chipolo is perfect for you! It rings when you are searching for it. It shows you the last known location of the missing item on a map. Shake the Chipolo and ring your phone, even if it’s set on silent. Simply attach, stick or drop the Chipolo inside everyday items and find them in seconds. you can even track your pet! With a 100 decibel ring, you will be able to hear it many rooms away!

Your device needs Bluetooth 4.0 to work. IOS (9.0 running version or newer) and Android (running version 4.4 or newer) compatible. The box contains, the Chipolo in white and instructions to set up. The Salesforce Cloud is printed to the front.

SKU: SF088

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